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Contract Sew, Repair & CSR Embroidery was established in 1997. We have been in the same location for over 25 years, servicing domestic and international clients. Located in Kent, Washington CSR is a fashion development and production house started in 1997. We offer pattern making, production management, garment repair, embroidery and other related clothing and sewing services for top brands.


Often asked about our history; we think this story is the perfect representation of CSR and the people that work here to make it happen every day.


We received a call from the distribution center for Osh Kosh B’gosh, they had an immediate problem.


They had received a shipment of swimsuits, one small issue, every single garment came with a crotch seam the manufacturer had failed to close. Stores were waiting, could we correct this snafu? In 1997 shops doing offshore re-working did not exist. We knew we could do the work in minimal time and avoid any shipping delays for Osh Kosh. We also realized the need and opportunity this situation presented; we knew we were more than capable of offering this service.


This single order helped us to spread the word of our capabilities throughout the area, just like that we turned ourselves into a full-fledged offshore production repair house. Now, instead of sending garments back to the manufacturer, missing the shipping window, perhaps losing the contract all together, we became the spot to fix sewing catastrophes. This small moment in our history changed us forever. After celebrating 25 years in the industry, we are as focused as ever on meeting the highest standards for our customers.


It was also in 1997 that a well know sportwear company asked us to add commercial embroidery machines to our manufacturing floor. After spending enough years sending out our fabric panels for customization at another factory, and now with a strong commitment for immediate work in the golf apparel branding world – we went for it. In the past 25 years we have grown our embroidery department to offer contract embroidery services in both the apparel industry as well as ASI.