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Our Equipment

Flat Lock Machine

With 2-3 needles this machine is us for creating the flat lock cover stitch you see on much of the athletic wear and knitwear.

Cover Stitch Machine

This machine will cover the fabrics raw edges while retaining the fabrics original stretchability. If you are looking for a neat and clean hem on your shirts, then this is the machine for the job.

Bar Tacker Machine

This machine is primarily used to secure to secure pocket corners, belt loops, buttonholes and zipper fly’s.

Button Hole Machine

That hole you slip your button through is made by this special machine.

Button Tacker

This specialty machine masterfully sews a button onto a garment.

Button Machine

For larger heavy style buttons on things like pants this press secures metal buttons together.

Serger Machine

We have an assortment, up to 5 needles, both standard and heavy duty.

Standard Sewing Machine

For basic sewing construction and repairs.

Pfaff Split Bar Double Needle Machine.

This machine will give you parallel rows of stitching.

Walking Foot Machine

This machine can allow you to sew through multiple layers of fabric, very successful with webbing.

Heat Press

This is a machine that allows you to use a combination of heat and pressure to apply and adhere designs onto a range of fabrics and garments.

Embroidery Machines

Our state of the art embroidery machines allow us commercial level quality and production capabilities for the largest of orders.